Armageddon Baby

When I met you it brought on the end of the world
It rained fire and ashes and blood
The moon went blue, the sun went black
The desert sands thickened to mud
Creaking wings and hissing scythes
The dead stacked about us in piles
Empires shattered, worlds fell away
But I could just stand there and smile

Baby, you brought Armageddon to me
The Four Horsemen ascended the sky
Leviathan thrashed in the boiling black sea
In our billions we fell and we died
On the cracked and broken ground
The behemoth’s tread shaking our bones
We laughed and cried from each other’s arms
Though our feet bled raw on the stones

The day I left you Ragnarok came
Heaven died and the last angel fell
The Dragon spoke wormwood and bile
And the Beast drew himself up out of Hell
And went too and fro in the earth 
With a cigarette lodged in his smirk,
He tipped his hat and said to us
Just how much he loved our work

The Days of Wrath came and went
And reckonings were wrought
And then the end was over
And the final battle fought
And you and I were all there was
The universe was done
And you looked at me and smiled and said
“Come, on let’s go have some fun.”
(c) Jason Franks 2010-2015
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